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119th Annual Exhibition Catalog and 2016-17 Annual Report

We had an amazing opening for the 119th Annual Exhibition by Richmond and Area Artists on Thursday, November 9th. The award-winning artists were announced and an excellent time was had by all in attendance. Below is the link to the 119th Annual Exhibition Catalog and 2016-17 Annual Report.

119th Annual Exhibition Catalog

119th Annual Exhibition Awards

Sarah and John Lechleiter Best of Show Award ($2,500)
Phil Erbaugh for D Street

Jim and Sally Toschlog Award of Excellence ($1,000)
Gwen Gutwein for Quiet Time

Award of Excellence ($1,000)
Katrina Murray for Untitled

Award of Excellence ($1,000)
Kim Anderson for Vase

Lucretia T. Carr/Warren Chapman Memorial Award ($500)
Beth Schwier for Mission Church

Brad and Mary Ann Barrett Merit Award ($500)
Joe Rohrman for Vacation Mode

IPAPA Traditional Landscape Merit Award ($500)
Fred Doloresco for The Kitchen

Dr. Dana Reihman and Dr. Eileen Cravens Merit Award ($500) –traditional
Carole Lantz for Pair of Pears

Talbot Street Art Fair Merit Award ($500)
Mark Burkett for Neighbors

Dr. Arthur Millis Memorial Merit Award ($500)
Scott Dooley for Joined Bottles

Dr. George F. and Peggy Rapp Merit Award ($250)
Autumn Hunt for Venus Vase Triptych

Robert and Carol Eberle Merit Award ($250)
Benny Kenworthy for Mapquest

AMATEUR DIVISION W. Ray Stevens Jr. Memorial Merit Award ($250)
Waneta Purvis for Dignified Lady

Whitewater Artists Guild Merit Award ($100)
Linda DeHaven for Indiana Sunset

Petal and Stem Merit Award ($100)
Ann Cashner for Fire Maker

Donna Spears Merit Award ($100)
Joyce Hughes for Fatma

Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Alpha Iota Chapter Merit Award ($100)
Diane Grubbs for Obsolete

Richmond Art Museum Merit Award ($100)
Bonnie Bray for Falcucca’s

Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Associate Merit Award ($75)
Joyce Perry for Ballerina



119th Annual Purchase Awards

Tom and Sheryl Alberts Purchase Award
Mark Burkett for Neighbors

Allen and Carole Lakoff Brady Purchase Award
Carol Lantz for January Break

Darlene Druley Purchase Awards
J. Rodney Reveal for You See What I See
Mary Ann Davis for Stormy Weather
Martin Price for Dobro Screen Vase

Diane Ferlauto Purchase Awards
Ann Cashner for Fire Maker
Natalie Hoff for Hope, Eternal
Tom Slack for Curiosity

First Bank Richmond Purchase Awards
Jenelle Burris for Riverwalk, San Antonio
Douglas David for Ready & Waiting
Donna Shortt for Bug’s Eye View
Steve Wiedert for Row of Palms

Friends Fellowship Community Purchase Awards
David Seward for Subah’s Tractor
Eugenia M. Mills for A Walk in the Fog
Marilyn Witt for Winter in the Cornbelt

Robin D. Henry Purchase Award
Tom Bartel for Dad’s Navy Cuff Links

Jon and Suzette Igleman Purchase Awards
Ronald Mack for Feeding Time
Joe Rohrman for Vacation Mode

Ply Purchase Award Jed Dorsey for Waiting on a Friend

West End Bank Purchase Award
April Willy for Pondering

119th Annual Judging Results

Below are the results of the judging of the 119th Annual Exhibition of Richmond and Area Artists. The numeral in parenthesis indicated the number of works accepted into the show by an artist. Congratulations to those who submitted accepted work!

119th Annual Accepted Works
Advanced Division

Charlie Adams (1)
Greg Adams (2)
Teresa Altemeyer (1)
Amy Kollar Anderson (1)
Kimberly Anderson (2)
Scott Anderson (2)
Kiersten Aubre (Howard) (1)
Thomas A. Bartel (2)
Rhonda Bontrager (2)
Sharon Brooks (1)
Charlene M. Brown (2)
Robert Bratton (1)
Mark Burkett (1)
JoAnne Burkhard (2)
Tom Butters (1)
Megan Caldwell Chandler (1)
Deborah A. Cole (1)
Bertie David (2)
Douglas David (2)
Mary Ann Davis (1)
Darlene Delbecq (1)
Debra Delbecq (1)
Fred Doloresco (1)
Scott Dooley (2)
Jed Dorsey (1)
Phillip Erbaugh (2)
Wendy Franklin (2)
Larry Fentz (1)
Beth Forst (2)
Nancy Foureman (1)
Charlene George (1)
Vern Gibbons (1)
Brian Gordy (2)
Theresa Goss (2)
Patricia Grabill (1)
Gwen Gutwein (2)
George Hageman (1)
Carolyn Hamann (1)
Al Harden (1)
Barry Harrison (1)
Kay Hissong (1)
Autumn M. Hunt (1)
Lana Waters Iles (1)
Michael Janosky (2)
Cheryl Johnson (1)
Joseph Kameen (1)
Erica Keener (2)
Benny Kenworthy (2)
Walter Kiel (2)
Duane King (1)
Carole Lantz (2)
R.L. Lathrop (2)
Wyatt LeGrand (2)
Janice K. Lindboe (1)
Kris Livezey (2)
Laurie M.Z. Lundy (1)
Ronald Mack (2)
Anastasia Maroney (2)
Susan Mauck (2)
Julie McCullough (1)
Jan McCune (1)
Jeanne McLeish (1)
Bob Meyers (1)
Katrina J. Murray (2)
Bruce Allan Neville (1)
Pam Newell (1)
Chris Newlund (1)
Robin Nicholson (2)
Marilyn Nobbe (1)
Alan Patrick (1)
Mark Pearson (1)
Lori Pennington (1)
Hector Perez (2)
Jack Phelps (2)
Martin Price (2)
S. June Presnell (1)
J. Rodney Reveal (2)
Amy Rheinhardt (2)
J. Anna Roberts (1)
Joe Rohrman (2)
Ann Cole Rose (1)
Larry Rudolech (2)
Martha Sando (1)
Beth Clary Schwier (2)
Jean Selanders (1)
David Seward (1)
Carol Sexton (2)
Lawrence Sexton (1)
Nancy Shake (1)
Kerry Shaw (2)
Sarah Shaw (2)
Joshua Shepherd (1)
Donna Shortt (2)
Tom Slack (2)
Jean Smith (1)
Jenny Moore Smith (2)
Robert Smith (1)
Patti Starr (1)
Karen Stanley (2)
Marlene Steele (1)
Joe Swanson (2)
Stephanie Paige Thomson (2)
Stacey Torres (1)
Donna Townsend (2)
Betty Wagoner (1)
Steve Warner (2)
Avon Waters (1)
Steve Weidert (2)
April Willy (2)
Marilyn Witt (1)
Dan Woodson (2)
Tom Woodson (1)
Shirley Woolard (1)

119th Annual Accepted Works
Amateur Division

Ray Armstrong (2)
Sandy Armstrong (1)
Mary Ellen Bertram (2)
Bonnie Bray (2)
Valeta Bridgewater (2)
Judy Buchholz (1)
Jenelle Burris (1)
Ann Cashner (1)
Anita Crull (1)
Linda DeHaven (1)
Johanna Geerts (1)
Deborah Gentry (1)
Natalie Gillies (2)
Diana Grubbs (2)
Shannon Hayes (1)
Natalie Hoff (1)
Joyce Hughes (2)
Betty Knapp (1)
Charlotte Koons (1)
Nikita Martina (1)
Jean McCauley (1)
Eugenia M. Mills (1)
Mark Millis (2)
Caryn Moore (2)
Machaela (Finley) Norris (1)
Shawn C. O’Conner (1)
Marcia Pendley (1)
Joyce Perry (1)
Waneta Purvis (2)
Michele Ray (1)
Debra Stewart (1)
Larry Sturgis (2)
Susan Symons (2)
J.D. Wayne (1)
Venna Werner (1)
Stella Witte (2)
Andrew Wyatt (1)


5 Things You Need to Know about RAM’s Renovation

5 Things You Need to Know about RAM's Renovation

  • RAM's physical facility will be closed beginning on June 1, 2017.
  • RAM will maintain office hours from 9 - 5PM in a temporary office in Richmond High School. To find it, enter the RHS main entrance (door 1), turn right and look for the office just past the RHS Alumni office.
  • RAM will still be ACTIVE during renovation. Events such as the Secret Garden Tour, Potterypalooza, Wine Down on the Farm, IPAPA/OPAS Paint Out, 119th Annual Exhibit will all take place! Call RAM at 765-966-0256 or visit www.richmondartmuseum for information about events.
  • RAM Art classes for adults and children will still go on as normal!
  • RAM projects reopening in January/February of 2018

118th Annual Exhibit Awards and Honors

118th Annual Opening and Awards was top shelf! Don't miss this show! Thanks to all artisits and purchase and merit award providers and our sponsors, US Bank and Reid Health. Below is the complete list of awards for the 118th Annual Exhibition of Richmond and Area Artists.

2016 Barry and Bonnie Johnston
Purchase Award for the RAM Permanent Collection

Mark Burkett Woodcuts
Sugar Creek - October
The Dunes





Steamboat Rock


Advanced Division Awards









Sarah and John Lechleiter Best of Show Award ($2,500)
Chris Griffin Woods - Yellow Pond Lilies

Jim and Sally Toschlog Award of Excellence ($1,000)
Tom Woodson - Fall in Brown County

Reid Health Award of Excellence ($1,000)
Freddi Stevens-Jacobi - Family, Old Havana

US Bank Award of Excellence ($1,000)
Stephanie Paige Thomson - Complementary Thoughts

Lucretia T. Carr / Warren Chapman Memorial Award ($500)
David Dale - Asleep

Brad and Mary Ann Barrett Merit Award ($500)
Deborah A. Cole - Patio Umbrella Stand Tree Frog

IPAPA Traditional Landscape Merit Award ($500)
Bruce Campbell - Basilique du Sacre Coeur 2

Dr. Arthur Millis Memorial Merit Award ($500)
Darlene Delbecq - Water Tower: Soldiers and Sailors Children's Home

Anna Belle Henthorne Memorial Merit Award ($250)
Martin Price - Wood-Fired Large Vase

Robert and Carol Eberle Merit Award ($250)
Marie Henderson - Birds of a Feather

Amateur Division Awards








W. Ray Stevens Jr. Memorial Merit Award ($250)
Kay Hissong - Early Fall

Whitewater Artists Guild Merit Award ($100)
Mark Pearson - Henry Moore Boxed

Petal and Stem Merit Award ($100)
Ray Armstrong - Pergola, IMA

Donna Spears Merit Award ($100)
Debra Stewart - Sunflowers

Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Alpha Iota Chapter Merit Award ($100)
Larry Sturgis - Spokes

Richmond Art Museum Merit Award ($100)
Sophia Richard - Blue Doors (Taos Pueblo)

Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Associate Merit Award ($75)
Sara Buchwald - Blue Macaw

Purchase Awards

Carole and Allen Brady Purchase Award
Marie Mack – Flight of Color
J. Anna Roberts – Untitled
Dan Woodson – The Old Mill

Diane Ferlauto Purchase Award
Joe Rohrman – One Happy Camper
Machaela Norris – Boy or Girl?

First Bank Richmond Purchase Award
Kathy Cruz-Uribe – On the Farm
Margie Prim – Pink Still Life
Annette S. Warfel – Sunflowers 1
Stella Witte – Dr. Royer’s Creek

Friends Fellowship Community Purchase Award
India Cruse-Griffin – Untitled
Jon and Suzette Igelman Purchase Award
JoAnne Burkhard – Just a Little Guy

Tim and Doris Anne Sadler Purchase Award
Pamela C. Newell – Bridge Over the River Aude

West End Bank Purchase Award
Douglas David – Glen Miller Park
Alan Patrick – Spring in the Forest

Special thanks to Award Providers and to our Sponsors:







118th Annual Exhibition Judging

On Wednesday, October 19th 100 artists gathered in the galleries of McGurie Memorial Hall to witness the judging of the 118th Annual Exhibition. The following artists had their artwork accepted into the exhibition, the number after the name indicating how many entries were accepted. We ask all artists who entered works that were not accepted to collect their declined art by Saturday, October 22nd.

We invite artists and their supporters will attend the opening reception and awards ceremony for the exhibition, which will be held held Thursday, November 3rd at 7:00 pm.

Advanced Division

Nancy Achberger (1)
Charlie Adams (1)
Kimberly Anderson (1)
Scott Anderson (1)
Laura Appleby (1)
Thomas A. Bartel (1)
Walt Bistline (1)
Roy Boswell (1)
Robert Bratton (2)
Charlene M. Brown (2)
Selena Burk (1)
Mark Burkett (1)
JoAnne Burkhard (1)
Bruce Campbell (2)
Amy Carroll (2)
Megan Caldwell Chandler (1)
Deborah A. Cole (1)
Peg Copenhaver (1)
J. Steven Cox (2)
Cindy Cradler (2)
India Cruse-Griffin (1)
Kathy Cruz-Uribe (1)
R. David Dale (2)
Douglas David (2)
Mary Ann Davis (2)
Darlene Delbecq (1)
Debra Delbecq (1)
Steve Dodge (1)
MB Thompson Dowin (1)
Phillip Erbaugh (2)
Carl Gay (2)
Shirley Geier (1)
Charlene George (2)
Tony Giltner (1)
Brian Gordy (2)
Karen Graeser (1)
Linda Gredy (1)
Sterling Gregory (1)
Amanda Griffey (1)
Chris Griffin-Woods (1)
Sontina Reid Hall (1)
Al Harden (2)
Rusty Harden (2)
Barry Harrison (2)
Ray Hassard (1)
Marie Henderson (1)
Shea Henke (1)
Ruth Howell (1)
Sally Hughes (1)
Corrine Hull (1)
Kathy Hunter (2)
Michael Janosky (1)
Cheryl Johnson (1)
David B. Johnson (2)
Kelly Joslin (1)
Gary M. Jursik (1)
Walter Kiel (1)
Troy Kilgore (1)
Patrick Kluesner (2)
Morris Kurz (1)
Carole Lantz (2)
R.L. Lathrop (2)
Setsuko LeCroix (2)
Wyatt LeGrand (2)
Janice Lindboe (1)
Marie Mack (1)
Beverly S. Mathis (1)
Suga Y. Matsui (1)
Nancy B. Maxwell (1)
Julie McCullough (1)
Jeannie McLeish (2)
Bob Meyers (1)
Kathy A. Moore (2)
Bruce Allan Neville (1)
Pamela C. Newell (1)
Robin Nicholson (2)
Alan Patrick (1)
Pat Payne (1)
Steve Pfenninger (2)
Jack Phelps (2)
Travis Poling (1)
Martin Price (2)
Margie Prim (1)
J. Rodney Reveal (1)
Carvin L. Rinehart (1)
J. Anna Roberts (1)
Joe Rohrman (1)
Douglas K. Runyan (2)
David M. Seward (1)
Carol Sexton (2)
Lawrence Sexton (2)
Donna Shortt (1)
Jerry Smith (2)
Linda L. Spier (1)
Patti Starr (1)
Freddi Stevens-Jacobi (2)
Carol Strock Wasson (1)
Jooseph Swanson (1)
Doug Taylor (2)
Judy Thaxton (1)
Joe Thompson (2)
Stephanie Paige Thomson (2)
Vicki Vardaman (1)
Kim Vito (1)
Annette S. Warfel (1)
Steve Warner (1)
Marcia Weidner (1)
Rick Wilson (1)
Phil Wood (2)
Dan Woodson (1)
Tom Woodson (1)
Shirley Woolard (1)




Amateur Division

Ray Armstrong (2)
Judy G. Buchholz (1)
Sara Buchwald (2)
Jenelle Burris (1)
Wilbur R. Clark (1)
Kathy R. Clopper (1)
Andrea Furby (1)
Daniel B. Haglund (1)
Virginia Hapner (1)
Beth Haselby (1)
Kay Hissong (2)
Daniel Hufford (2)
Robert Hunt (1)
Sae Yeoun Hwang (1)
Sue Jinks (1)
Susan Kuhlman (2)
Jean McCauley (1)
Sharon McQueen (1)
Kaitlin Morgan (1)
Machaela Norris (2)
LeRoy O'Dell (1)
Samantha Owens (1)
Ron Parshall (1)
Nataly Pavliuc (2)
Mark Pearson (1)
Joyce Perry (1)
Waneta Purvis (1)
Sophia Richard (2)
Heather Sloan (2)
Brandy Steinard (1)
Debra Stewart (2)
Larry Sturgis (2)
Susan Symons (2)
Eleanor Turk (1)
Chao Wang (1)
Venna J. Werner (1)
Stella Witte (2)

Images in Music Project

Images in Music Project
Richmond Symphony Orchestra
Richmond Art Museum


The goal of this project is to engage area photographers in creating and submitting photos taken for and inspired by The Enormous Room by American Composer David Diamond.

Photos selected will be projected for the entire Civic Hall audience to see during the September 17, 2016 RSO Concert in Civic Hall for the Performing Arts. Any artist who submits images will receive two complimentary tickets to attend the performance.

Photographers should first listen to the music in this link. Inspiration should be drawn from any and all sources the artist feels are suggested by the music. No specific guidelines in this area will be given. It is left completely to the imagination of each artist.

Each artist may submit up to three photographs digitally. Make sure they are all JPEG files, no smaller than 1024 x 768 pixels.

Images should be emailed to

RAM Executive Director Shaun Dingwerth and RSO Music Director Guy Bordo will select the photos to be presented. Both organizations may use submitted photography for publicity purposes.


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117th Annual Exhibit Selection List

The Richmond Art Museum is pleased to announce the list of artists for the 117th Annual Exhibition. If you do not see your name on the list, or entered two pieces and see a (1) next to your name, please come to the museum or contact RAM about pickup.

Advanced Division

Anderson,Kimberly (1)
Anderson, Scott (1)
Bartel, Thomas A. (2)
Bell, Vance A (2)
Bertram, Maryellen (1)
Bistline, Walt (1)
Blankenheim, Kathy (1)
Bontrager, Rhonda (2)
Boswell, Roy (1)
Brown, Charlene M(2)
Burkett, Mark (1)
Butters, Tom (1)
Caro, Jose F(1)
Chandler, Megan (1)
Cole, Deborah A (1 )
Cradler,Cindy (1)
Cruz-Uribe, Kathy (1 )
David, Bertie (1)
Davis, Mary (1)
Deisher, Judy (1)
Dodge, Steve(2)
Doloresco, Fred (2)
Duffy, Thomas (1)
Easley, Barbara(2)
Eberle, Robert (1)
Erbaugh, Phillip(1)
Farris, Thomas L. (2)
Ferrer, Dick (1)
Forst, Beth A(1)
Franklin, Wendy (1)
Gay, Carl (2)
Geier, Shirley (1)
Geiselman, Chet (2)
George, Charlene (1)
Glass, Terry (2)
Goss, Theresa (1)
Graham, Larry (1)
Greene, Lloyd (2)
Griffey, Amanda (1)
Halberstadt, Joseph (2)
Hall, Sandy (1)
Hannon, David (2)
Harden, Al (2)
Harden, Rusty (1)
Hassard, Ray (2)
Hockett, Frank (1)
Houghton, Kathryn J (2)
Hovey, Gary (1)
Hull, Corrine (1)
Janosky, Michael (1)
Johnson, Ann (1)
Johnson, David B. (2)
Joslin, Kelly(1)
Jurus, Richadr (1)
Kenowrthy, Benny (1)
Kiemeyer, Diane (2)
Kilgore, Troy (1)
Kim, Ann (1)
Kluesner, Patrick (2)
Lantz, Carole (2)
LeCroix, Setsuko (2)
LeGrand, Wyatt (2)
Liszak, Leslie (1)
Livezey, Kris (1)
Mack, Marie (2)
Mack, Ronald (1)
Mathis, Beverly S. (1)
Mauck, Susan(1)
McClain, Marvin (2)
McLeish, Jeanne (2)
Meyers, Bob (2)
Miller, Katie (2)
Neckar, Bruce (1)
Neville, Bruce (2)
Neville, Nancy Nordloh (1)
Nobbe, Marilyn (1)
Pappin, Diana (2
Patrick, Alan (1)
Payne, Patricia A (1)
Perez, Hector (1)
Phelps, Jack (2)
Plum, Palline (2)
Pohlman, Donald (1)
Price, Martin (2)
Reichter, Andrew (2)
Reveal, J. Rodney (2)
Reynolds, John (1)
Rheinhardt, Amy (1)
Rice, Kathleen (2)
Richardson, Joshua (2)
Ridenour, Shara (1)
Riley, Mary (1)
Roberts, J. Anna (2)
Rohrman, Joe (2)
Rose, Ann Cole (2)
Runyan, Douglas (2)
Runyon, Elizabeth (2)
Schwier, Beth Clary (2)
Seward, David M. (2)
Shatsby Chris (1)
Smith, Jean (1)
Smith, Jennifer (1)
Smith, Jerry (2)
Smith, Robert (1)
Starr, Patti (1)
Strock-Wasson, Carol (2)
Swanson, Joseph T. (1)
Taylor, Doug (2)
Vardaman, Vicki (2)
Warfel, Annette S. (1)
Warner, Steve (1)
Weidert, Steve (1)
Weidner, Patsy (2)
Wilson, Rick D. (1)
Witt, Marilyn (2)
Wojcik, Judy (1)
Woods, Carolyn (1)
Woolard, Shirley (1)
Woodson, Dan (2)
Woodson, Tom (1)



Amateur Division

Barker, Curt A. (2)
Blair, Aria (2)
Buckmaster, Michael (2)
Burris, Jenelle (1)
Campbell, Bruce (2)
Clark, Wilbur R. (2)
Finley, Alison (2)
Furby, Andrea (1)
Gentry, John (2)
Giorgio, Barbara (1)
Grubbs, Diana (1)
Hapner, Virginia (2)
Himes, Davis (1)
Hoover, Peggy (2)
Hunt, Robert (2)
Jordan, Heather (1)
Klaine, Lauren (2)
Kuhlman, Susan (1)
Lathrop, Deb (2)
Llerna, Piedad (1)
McCauley, Jean (1)
McQueen, Sharon (2)
Nicholson, Robin (1)
Palmer, Emily (1)
Parshall, Joe (2)
Parshall, Ron (2)
Paynter, Jeffrey (1)
Perry, J. (2)
Poling, Travis (2)
Poynter, Jeffrey (1)
Quinones, Joann (2)
Shively, Devyn (1)
Steinard, Brandy M. (1)
Stewart, Debra (2)
Straw, David (2)
Sturgis, Larry R. (2)
Symons, Susan (1)
Templeton, Megan (2)
Turk, Eleanor L. (1)
Walker, Maya (1)
Werner, Venna (1)
Wise, Shirley (1)
Witte, Stella (2)
Woodlief, Paula (2)
Zhang, Michelle (1)

Focal Point:  2014 RAM Year in Review

Focal Point: 2014 RAM Year in Review

2014 held some amazing first time events for RAM as well as the staples in the RAM calendar that the community knows and loves. We wanted to take the time to pause at this hectic time of year to look back and appreciate many of the things that we were able to accomplish with some hard work and the support of our excellent board, members and volunteers! Art to Heart XXII           The 22nd iteration of Art to Heart was again greatly successful, bringing art, healing,...

Read More »
116th Annual Exhibit Catalogue

116th Annual Exhibit Catalogue

We had an excellent opening yesterday for the 116th Annual Exhibition of Richmond and Area Artists. Congratulations to Roy Boswell for his Best of Show painting, September's Dance Embraced and to all award winners. Thank you to all who attended and enjoyed in the celebration of art and artists. Please see the catalogue of the show which indicates artists included in the show and identifies award winners. The link to the catalogue is provided below. RAM 116th Annual Exhibit Catalogue

Read More »
5 Things You Should Know about the 116th Annual Exhibtion

5 Things You Should Know about the 116th Annual Exhibtion

The RAM Annual Exhibition of Richmond and Area Artists is the oldest juried art competition in the State of Indiana. Here are 5 things you need to know about the upcoming exhibit: The Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 6 at 7PM. All the galleries will remain closed until the award winners are named and images of their work is projected on the big screen! The traditional refreshments served at the opening of our Annual Exhibit are RAM punch, a secret mixture...

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Artists for the 116th Annual Exhibition

The Richmond Art Museum is pleased to announce the list of artists for the 116th Annual Exhibition. 

Advanced Division:

Adetokunbo Adeshile
Nancy Adkins
Hazel Ailes
Laura Appleby
Carolyn Armstrong
Michael Atwell
Thomas A. Bartel
Walt Bistline
K. Blankenheim
Rhonda Bontrager
Roy Boswell
Charlene M. Brown
Geraldine Bullerdick
JoAnne Burkhard
Mark VanBuskirk
Autumn Bussen
Sandy Cable-Barringer
Megan Caldwell Chandler
Beth Clary Schwier
Deborah A. Cole
J. Steven Cox
Cindy Cradler
India Cruse-Griffin
Elena Dahl
Bertie David
Douglas David
Mary Ann Davis
Ron Deane
Steve Dodge
Phillip Erbaugh
Robert Eberle
Sara Fleenor
Beth Forst
Thelma Frame
Carl Gay
Charlene George
Lisa Gettinger
Vivian Gladden
Joe Goebel
Larry Graham
Lloyd Greene
Amanda Griffey
Chris GriffinWoods
Ritch Hanna
Barry Harrison
Ray Hassard
Frank Hockett
Ruth Howell
Corrine Hull
Michael Janosky
Cheryl Johnson
Kelly Joslin
Richard Jurus
Erica Keener
Troy Kilgore
Patrick Kluesner
Jane Langdon
R.L. Lathrop
Wyatt LeGrand
Janice Lindboe
Leslie Liszak
Kris Livezey
Carrie Longley
Ronald Mack
Nikita Martina
Susan Mauck
Nancy Maxwell
Kathy A. Moore
Bruce Allan Neville
Nancy Nordloh Neville
Cindy Newcomer
Pamela C. Newell
Tracy Onoz
Alan Patrick
Patricia A. Payne
Carol Peden
Hector Perez
Lisa Pfenninger
Steve Pfenninger
Dorris Phelps
Jack Phelps
Jerry Points
J. Rodney Reveal
Bennett Ritchie
Joe Rohrman
Lawrence Rudolech
Elizabeth Runyon
David M. Seward
Carol Sexton
Lawrence Sexton
Chris Shatsby
Donna Short
Jennifer Smith
Jerry Smith
Marilyn M. Smith
Carol Strock Wasson
Steve Warner
Lana Waters Iles
Rick D. Wilson
Marilyn Witt
Dan Woodson
Tom Woodson
Shirley Woolard
Jay Zimmerman


Ray Armstrong
Sandy Armstrong
Kiersten Aubre-Howard
Kathryn Bird
Ruthanne Bolling
Jenelle Burris
Wilbur R. Clark
Kathy Cruz-Uribe
Andrea Furby
John Gentry
Joyce Hughes
Virginia Hapner
Ingrid Kocher
Debbi Lathrop
Esperanza Loaiza
David J. McCauley
Melanie Millis-Wissel
Yolanda Mutersbeugh-Jaramilo
Emily Palmer
Ron Parshall
Emilia Lucia Schanthal
Summer Sleight
Emma Wetherbee

4 Things You Didn’t Know About RAM Young Artist Camp

4 Things You Didn’t Know About RAM Young Artist Camp

        The second week of Young Artist Camp at RAM is coming soon!  July 28 - August 1, 2014 is only a few weeks away.  Here are 4 things that we think you probably didn't know about the camp! Our camp leader, Sontina Reid Hall is a former Richmond, IN resident an amazing artist living and working in New Orleans, LA. She is energetic, spontaneous, and loves working with talented young artists! RAM Young Artist Camp is a great bargain, especially for high quality art instruction in an atmospher...

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2014 Secret Garden Tour Success

Many thanks to everyone involved for another excellent Secret Garden and Home Tour!  We had beautiful weather, gracious hosts, wonderful volunteers and polite and pleasant tourers!

Check out our video compilation recap of the tour!

5 Things To Know About RAM Secret Garden Tour

5 Things To Know About RAM Secret Garden Tour

The Secret Garden Tour is an annual, much loved community event hosted by the Richmond Art Museum!  Here are 5 important things you should know about the tour. The Garden Tour Is Self Guided When you purchase your Secret Garden Tour Ticket, it will have the addresses of the gardens on the tour printed on the ticket itself. You will also be given a map with the garden destinations highlighted.  You may travel at your own pace, enjoying the excellent landscaping and flower beds along the trail. ...

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New Book by Shaun Thomas Dingwerth

New Book by Shaun Thomas Dingwerth

This is the untold story of a group of artists whose interest in fostering art in their community made an authentic contribution to the history of art in America. Taking for their subjects the local people, flora, and landscapes, they developed a distinctive impressionistic style, uninfluenced by other art movements in Indiana. Richmond, Indiana, become an important center for art in the Midwest. Written by Shaun Thomas Dingwerth Published: Indiana University Press, 2014 Buy It Now!

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